That "Settings" tab contains a number of options to change the look and feel of your form.

The following table describes the purpose of each property.

Name Purpose Example
Display Name Your form will be prepended by this name wrapped in an <h2> tag (unless hidden) Contact Form
Description A description of form added below the Display Name (unless hidden). Send us a message.
Font Size The default font size for the form. Will affect line spacing and white space by changing the bootstrap.iso file. 14
Font Color The color of the font in the form. black
Submit Button Text The text within the submit button. Submit
Submit Button Font Color You may want to make this different from the Font Color to enhance readability. white
Submit Button Size You can make the submit button a range of sizes. Medium
Label Orientation If "Horizontal" labels are to the left of fields.
If "Vertical" labels are stacked above the fields.
Input Corner Style Make your fields sharp or soft by adjusting the corner style. Square
Input Size Make your inputs large or small. Typically, pair this with Font Size. Medium